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                      Escoffier Educational Trip to France

                                  October 19-27, 2013

Thank you very much Michel, I had such a lovely time on the trip and both you and Liz did so many nice things for all of us and made the trip so special. Susie Wolak, Executive Pastry Chef, Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy.

Chef, I just wanted to touch base and let you know what a wonderful time I had in France.  The scenery and food were fantastic. Graham Mitchell, Executive Chef, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Boulder, CO.  

Hi Michel, I never was able to tell you what a wonderful time I had on my tour. Thank you so much for your time and all the fantastic adventures! The induction into the Disciples Escoffier International meant so much to me and something I will hope to pass on to future culinarians. Robyn McArthur, Executive Chef,  Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Austin, TX.


                         Bocuse d'Or & World Pastry Cup

                                  January 25-31, 2013

“Well, we are back on American soil and Mark and I would like to thank you and Liz for a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives. You both gave all of us tremendous attention to detail. The tours were great and the transportation was exceptional and invaluable. I would have no problem recommending the World of MBI to our friends.” George O’Palenick and Mark Tempel

“The trip was wonderful! You and Liz do AMAZING work!”

David Probst

              IKA Culinary Olympics 2012 - Erfurt, Germany

"Chef Michel and wife- Liz are such wonderful people! They really do make you feel that you are a part of their family when on travel abroad. I felt safe and knew my next move with certainly because of their skillful planning! " Terri Albritton Morris


                  Ivy Tech Educational Trip to France

                                       May 15-27, 2012

We would first meet Michel Bouit at the airport and he would be an elixir for our collective fatigue. His first words were “ARE YOU EXCITED?!!!” This man’s energy level is through the roof which is most appropriate for his position as our travel planner/guide. This man is meticulous in his approach to travel planning and treatment of his minions (us). His speeches are filled with excitement, animations, voice inflection and kinetic movement as that of the Energizer® bunny. He makes sure to let us know exactly what his expectations are in no uncertain terms and does so in a way that is engaging, enjoyable and fun. I really enjoy being in his company and feel a kinship towards this man similar to a family member and yet, I barely know him. Respectfully sumbitted Mark Claussen   

             Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

                 Educational Tour March 17-24 2012

   Cote d’Azur & Paris ~ the Cuisine, Wine, History & Culture

I believe it was the tear of joy and gratitude that fell from my friend Angela's face directly into my heart that finally captured the essence of our culinary journey with Chef Michel in France. Never could I have imagined the opportunities, the vistas, and the gastronomic delights that we would experience on our voyage through Nice and Paris. No travel agency or trip advisor could have ever provided the experience that we shared thru the amazing inside connections that Chef Michel has with the culinary world of France. If you truly understand what you will experience on one of MBI's trips, you would be willing to pay double the price! Merci Beaucoup Chef Michel. I will never forget this life changing journey. Sherry Hess, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Alumnae, Boulder, CO.

                            Spain & The Basque Country

                                  May 14-25, 2011

Chef Michel,
I am still in Spain loving it! I wish I could explain how grateful I am that you took us to all those nooks and crannies of the Basque Country in Spain and France and of course Rioja. I don´t think there is another person on earth that could possibly arrange that extraordinary trip. It was a dream comes true for me. To be able to live that experience in person was one of the greatest events of my life, truly. Thanks again and again. I hope to do more with you in the future. Sincerely, Eric Piatek


"I honestly had no idea how much of the best parts of a region could be seen in eleven days. Michel Bouit and MBI provided an amazing adventure you will never find on your own. The things you see and learn.. it's not a trip, ti's an experience."

Matt Steinbronn, CPC, CC, Ivy Tech State College, Indy


This was the most amazing trip I have ever taken. The opportunity to see and experience such cultural differences is incredible. Chef Michel keeps everyone so pumped up and excited, and the fact that he planned so many wonderful activities just keeps everyone going for more. The food was always superb and the chance to go to all the different places and wineries really blows me away. Thank you Chef Michel for the most memorable trip of my life.

Carol Davis, Ivy Tech State College, Indy                    


“Having just returned from a most memorable trip to the French Riviera & Italy with you, we wanted to express again our delight with your travels. Your culinary adventures are very, very fine and the local cultural & sightseeing opportunities enhanced our pleasures. We’ll be back!” Dr. Ben & Kenny Fisher - Libertyville, Illinois


“Of the many overseas tours I have been a part of in the past 20 years, I can honestly say those organized by The World of MBI have been, by far the most enjoyable. Each has been consistently outstanding in the regions of France, Spain and Italy. Culturally, historically and most importantly the culinary aspects of each day’s activities are planned to an appropriate level of detail. It goes without saying the meals have always exhibited the highest level of quality. As of January 2008, I have traveled on 13 of their culinary adventures, and am eagerly awaiting the next!”  

Greg Tornatore, Architect - Chicago

“I wanted to congratulate you on conducting an outstanding tour of Western France. It exceeded my every expectation, and I will have memories of it for years to come. The highlights for me were the excellent accommodations and the great meals. I look forward to your next adventure.”


“Perhaps sounding repetitious, but we had a great time in France. The food, accommodations, sites and fellow travelers - all super. You did a great job!”

“Wanted to let you know what a great trip that was - truly memorable, educational and fun. There was a little bit of everything - time to me on my own, time to be with everyone, eating elegantly, eating simply, seeing art and buying cooking equipment. The trip was both energetic and relaxing. My sophistication level has risen 1000%”! “Now that I’ve had time to look at all my pictures and think back on the great time I had in France, there is little left to say except a very sincere thank-you! I truly enjoyed every minute of it - the food, the wine, the company, the food - you get the point.”


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