Your Flying Fix!

We’ve been traveling internationally for many years. I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned along the way. Skip the in-flight meals, they’re usually loaded with salt, sugar and carbs. Protein bars are a better option; look for bars that contain at least 20 gr. of protein and no more than 8 gr. sugar. If you’re craving a traditional meal, scope out the terminal for a salad with grilled protein. For maximum hydration in flight, pack some water-rich veggies like celery and red bell peppers which contain more vitamin C than an orange and you’re fending off the possible effects of germs and dehydration with every bite. Flying is tough on the body. The re-cycled air, the altitude and the guy sneezing next to you really take a toll. Skip the wine and opt for bottled mint green tea (if available) or bring a few tea bags in your carry-on and request a cup of hot water. The tea is loaded with antioxidants and bioflavonoids that boost immunity and fight free radicals. I love wine too, but while flying it can increase your jet lag and sap your energy. Blood circulation slows down while flying and can result in swollen feet. You can kick up the flow with a pair of tight, non-constricting socks. Try a wool-nylon blend. They massage the feet and help to prevent puffiness so you can actually get your shoes back on before landing!
We’ll be off on our next adventure in October attending the IKA Culinary Olympics in charming Erfurt, Germany, Thuringia’s largest city. With a colorful history that goes back at least 1,250 years, Erfurt is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Germany. Read more about this trip on our website.

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